WHAT IS RELIGION? WHY PEOPLE DIFFER OTHERS IN THE NAME OF RELIGION OR GOD and at the same time believe that god is one?

WHAT IS RELIGION? WHY PEOPLE DIFFER OTHERS IN THE NAME OF RELIGION OR GOD and at the same time believe that god is one?

There are many gods exist in this beautiful world like Krishna in Hinduism, Jesus Christ in Christianity, Mohammed in  Islam and called in different name in different religion. Every religion has its own sign and way to pray to the god.

Gods or almighty who does good with the good nature of people and bad with the wrong people. Who builds this world with his own hand and create the earth for people to live. He creates the destiny. Once I heard this also all is one. That everybody is one no matter which religion they follow.

People believe in this theory and still differ the people in the name of religion. Still they kill other religion’s person. Some people don’t become agree with the inter religion marriage. Sometime in some places people differ others in the way of like wearing cloths (burqa), having the beard, carry the turban or wearing the kadas and sometime wearing the bikini or swimsuit can change the people’s mindset and it can differ the people. And still they believe in destiny and in creator that god create all the religion and people. And they differ at the same time. Why? This question always arise in my mind.

Is killing the other religion person can make the religion’s perception good in the mind of the world people? Is this the tribute to the god? Can it make the god feel good? How can the god feel nice when somebody die?

When god doesn’t differ people at the time of giving the air to the people. Sun’s light reach to the every person at the similar way. And others things too like rain, moon, stars, river and sea etc. then who are we to say that he is Hindu or muslin or Christian?

I remember an incident when my daughter (Sonia) who was 7 year old that time, asking for my help to clarify the doubts. She was confuse about the god.

She asked me, papa who is god?

I replied: he is the creator of this world.

Her second question, he made us too?

I replied: yaa.

Sonia: he made trees, sky, rain, rainbow, stars and river and every other thing also.

I said: yaa.

Sonia: we are Hindu isn’t? And our god is Krishna.

I said: yes you are right.

Sonia: Jesus Christ is also our god?

I thought a minute because I wanted to give my daughter a knowledge which would help her to maintain equality among the people and the religion. And I wanted to define the god. Because through god, religion becomes. God is the sign of the religion.

I said: kid every god is yours. No matter which religion you follow. From your childhood I am telling you that I am Hindu and you are Hindu and our god is Krishna and Shiva etc. if I would tell you that you are  Christian then you would easily follow the Christianity and your god would be Jesus Christ. You born in the Hindu family and that’s why you are Hindu and because of the same reason you follow the Hinduism.

Sonia: if I will pray to Jesus than he will make my wish full?

I said: I don’t know that he will or not or Krishna or Shiva will or not. Because our destiny is in our hand. If you do something that only you will get that thing. God only create us. He doesn’t create future or our tomorrow.  If we do right then we will get good things in this life. And if we will do wrong things then we will get punishment in this life only.  This is nature law. And it is same for everyone.

Sonia: papa why they have called Muslim or Christian?

I said: they have just different name of their religion. Like we are called Hindu, they are called Muslims. It is just the combination of different alphabets. Which make them called Muslim and us Hindu. After all we all are human being and one. And some stupid person divide us on the religion. in the end I think religions are like the caste only. in almost every religion there are castes, take an example of Hinduism there are many castes like JATTS, gujjars ,Brahmin, pundits, baniyas etc. Shia and sunnies in Islam. And human being also create the different castes in human being according to the way they wear clothes or pray to their gods. And they divide us in different castes like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity or Sikhism etc. they all are like castes but called religions. Because every caste has its own difference like the religion.

Sonia: like some aunty wear the burqa or some bhaiyas wear kadas or cap.

I said: yes you are right. It is like they have the different personality. They have different fashion to cover up themself. They feel comfortable in that.  Some women wear bangles and some burqa so then naths and saadis or wear the skirts, jeans or bikini. Because they feel good. If people try to recognize the religion by seeing them, that is their fault. If everybody will the same cloths and speak the same language. Then what will be the meaning of “different” word then. There is differences that why there is much curiosity in this world. That’s why people go to the other country and try to settle there. That makes life interesting. But some people don’t understand this and thing themselves that other are not like us and killing them can make their religion proud.

But how can the god feel god when some die, this is puzzle. Because who make us and create us. How can he feel good when someone who is created by him die or kill? And the blood spots come on his name.

Sonia: so papa why people don’t understand this and kill other people?

I said: because they are stupid to understand and coward to put curtain on their wrong deeds.  They don’t understand that “god creates all and we divide all”.

Suppose there is a black board in this room. Now you can kick or spit on this. But if I will write the lord “Krishna” on the board, then you will see the god on this. Then it will become respectable for you and you will start seeing god on the board. Earlier nothing was like the same here. And if I will rub it and write KHUDA then you will start seeing Muslim’s god on this. Then this will be respectable for the Muslims. And if I will rub it again and write the Jesus Christ on it. Then Christian god will start appearing on this. So it depend on us what we see. If everybody start imagine that suppose “Hindu guy imagine that “OM” is written on the Muslims or Christian people. Then they start feeling that they are Hindu too. And then they will start giving respect to other. And it is same for the other religion too. If they start imagine that their god’s sign is written on the chest or body of the other person. Then they can feel that everybody is same”.

People have to understand this.  That it depends on us to see the Krishna Shiva, Khuda or Jesus Christ in everybody. Because he lies inside everybody.. And if they are killing someone that means they are killing their own people and god. People have to understand that he is everywhere and in everything.

Prophet Mohammed lies in gita and Krishna lies in bible so then Jesus Christ in kuran. It only needs us to see them there. Because when by making the mosque we see the “KHUDA” there, and in temple only we see the “BHAGWAN” and “JESUS CHRIST” in church. Then just imagine that this world is temple or mosque or church.

Our conversation end there. And my daughter sit quite for a while and then I asked her.

What you think now who is god?

She replied. He is everything and in everything. I am seeing Krishna, Shiva, Khuda and Jesus Christ in you. If I can’t see the god here with in me then I can’t see the god anywhere papa.                                                  These were the words of that little girl.

People have to believe in one thing “humanity” and think that religion is divided like the castes. Killing each other is like killing the god himself.



LOVE is attachment. Attachment which has feeling, emotions, happiness, caring, sharing, completeness and a hope. When somebody meets other person and that person start feeling for another person for any bad or good things happen with him. Feeling brings emotions outside from the heart. If emotions comes it brings caring for each other’s. Then they start sharing and feel fresh, happy, together for whole life. It brings completeness in them and then hope comes out. Hope for living together in any circumstance in every moment of their life.

Love comes and bring freshness and newness in the life of person. It is the attachment which people have with other person that people think and bring happiness for others than himself. Person attach himself with so much emotions that they want to live whole life with other person. In love people don’t need to think anything. People love someone even they hate that person because of the attachment only. When someone lost somebody for forever they cry, they suffer hurt but still think about him because of that attachment. Because that person was a man who was making other person complete. And without him he is alone, unhappy and half. For this reason person want him back even he knows other person can’t comeback in the life.

The same attachment we can see in many ways like with;

  1. Mom and dad (family): a boy/girl get the unconditional love and care and a man and woman who will never think bad or do bad for him/her in the life.  Which attach him/her with them for whole life.
  2. Friends: people get support, freedom and friends for sharing their emotion which they can’t do with the family.

Everybody wants somebody in their life who holds the special place in his heart or hold his place their heart. And it can happen just through the attachment of the soul of two person. Which will make them full and complete.


Life without motive and goal is meaningless. You should do something in your life. That people should talk about your work. Otherwise everybody is living in this world, without doing anything.

Who are you? What you do? Ask these questions to yourself. Because you should have your place in this world. Yours names star should twinkle in the sky in night. Start doing something meaningful.

When you start to chase your dream or goal or motive or aim of your life, you sense the feeling of the heaven. Every moment of your life brings the fragrance of flowers. And nature brings the rainbow in your soul.

Do things from heart and speak from soul. You will touch the beat of the nature. Just be true with yourself. Nature will bring whatever you want in your belly. Take a first step.  And always stand after every failing. And never stop. Step by step you will reach to your destination. Game’s name is consistency. Never fall back. Always stand and give one more punch. Success wants people who have the guts to stand after every falling. People who are strong enough to bear the pain of long, tired, stressful journey and survive with smile on his face. They can get the success.

Bigger the aim, bigger obstacle you will get in the journey of getting your aim.

Nobody becomes great in one day. Nobody gets the things without doing anything, consistency, determination, motive, patience; passion and without take out sweat. Alexander took 7 years for become the king of this world. Sachin tendulkar takes 21 years to surpass the 200 runs mark in one day cricket. And become the world’s greatest batsman of all time, greater than Bradman after scoring 99 century in cricket. World greatest swimmer Michael Phelps (winner of 8 gold medals in Beijing Olympics) use to train for six hours a day, six days a week, without fail and even in Christmas also. He swims approximately 50 miles (80km) each week, which is over 8 miles per training day. India got freedom after 200 years of struggle and lakhs of people’s sacrifice and shedding of their blood on their own mother land.

Passion brings dedication (zest to do things), dedication brings consistency (ability to do things on a regular basic), consistency brings experience (knowledge of doing things in thousand way, power to bear the pain, it makes you strong), experience brings success (breaking records, break the limits or set the number), Success brings greatness (Greatness brings your name in the book of the history).

Then People talk about luck. That it is in sachin’s fate. It is written in his destiny. FUCK off. Nobody gets anything in their hand. Success people do hard work. Day and night they shed their sweat.

If you think that you will get success when you will make something good for yourself you are wrong. You will get success when you will make other people’s life more comfortable. In return your life will become comfortable. This means you get what you give.

Beethoven was deaf. But he had passion to make music. He made music from his soul. People feel his music. His music gives the peace to the people’s heart and makes the people happy. That’s why people remember him. Because he gives something to the world, which people feel good. Thomas Edison made bulb after 1000 test failing. He didn’t make for himself. He made bulb for people of this world. Ha brought people’s life in light from darkness.

Stand up and do something which you like most. Start the journey of your life. Life is very short and world is very big. Don’t waste your time. Everything needs sacrifice. Sacrifice of your time, sacrifice of your enjoyment, sacrifice of your friends and family and sacrifice of your life.

Bring the passion for something in your life and make this world beautiful by your discovery. And write your name in the sky like a star…….


Means: one day we will be sold out at the value of soil, and only our words will remain in this world”



Somebody told me “we are what we think”. But in reality we are not what we think. People think thousand things in a day. But they don’t become what they think.  They become what they do.

Life is all about what you do. You become what you do. People think thousand and lakhs of thought in a day. They chose few thoughts out of them and take action and get the results of them.


People think lakhs of thoughts in a day, week or month. He thinks about the present, past and sometime about the future. He thinks about his life. Some time he thinks about what he should do or sometime what he would do instead of what he did. He thinks also what he has to do. What he will do. He wants to become. What material think he wants and lot of different things.

He thinks about all the things he wants in his life or what he wants to become. He thinks but it doesn’t mean he gets all the things he wants or needs. Or he becomes what he wants to be. He gets or becomes only what or which idea (thoughts) he chose out of them and makes part of his life. And he gets the result on what or which idea he chose and make practical, not on what he thinks but he does.

Stand in this world, get the idea (chose few thoughts out of thousand) and take action.

The real idea is “world is yours, play your cards (idea) and win the game”.

The world is equal for everybody. You have the entire right to make your own destiny or fate. People who are afraid of accepting the failure on their shoulder and cannot accept the truth or people who are afraid of this world. These people talk about the two stupid words, fate and destiny. They talk or believe in destiny just for putting curtain on their cowardness.  And people who give-up and don’t have guts to stand after falling, talk about the destiny. They start accusing unseen person, called god. Because there are few winner (gutful people) in out of lakhs of failures (gutless people). Every loser knows they are gutless and people will laugh on their falling, that’s why every loser make them self happy by taking about destiny and fate. They make themselves happy among the other loser. Gutless people always have excuses for everything.  They start thinking only and don’t stand and do not do something. That’s called hell. Full of stress, frustration, excuses, depression, lots of daydreaming, accusing god and putting curtain on their failures and gutless personality by believing in fate and destiny.

Just laying down somewhere and dreaming with open eyes will not take you anywhere excluding one place.  That’s called hell.

If u think only and don’t take out the ideas and don’t make them practical, then remain in the hell.

We are not what we think because anybody can think what they want, anybody can think what they want to become. But it does not mean they will get what they want and become what they want to become. Everybody can think. Thinking doesn’t require you to do any hard work.

That’s why we are what we do.

Always do something. Do what you like. Don’t afraid of anything. If you have guts to brings your ideas (thoughts) in to action (or in this world), then only you will get the action’s results. See there are only two results you get of your action. You will win or you will loss.

If you loss, it does not mean it is end. That mean you need to do better next time. You need to become perfect or eligible for that what you want. But if you give up and don’t stand after falling. You will become loser. Because no action no fruit.

Whenever you take a step, you walk. That mean you walk when you take a step. Think if you will not take step, you will remain stand at the same place only. And after few hours you will become tired and then you will lay down there. Then you start felling bad and accusing god, for whom you think write your destiny and fate.

For going ahead you need to take a step. No step no walk. Life is also same. You need to take your ideas and make them practical. Then only you will reach where you want to. Then only you will get your fruit. God does not do anything for anybody. If you will believe in destiny or fate you will remain one place only, that place is similar like hell.

“There is only one way to get out from the hell, take the idea (few thoughts) out of your thousand thought and take action (make them practical)”.



Dreams are just an enjoyment of a moment. How one can make a reality through the dream. Nobody knows in this world. You waste your time in seeing dreams. But nobody takes grantee to make the dreams real. Dreams are dream, which is unreal. It’s just the thought. It exists only in my dream, in my soul, in my vision, in my imagination. It will be lucky if anyone of my dream becomes real.

Dream, what is dream?

Dream is just like another thought.

What is thought? Thought is just thinking.

What is thinking? Thinking is just an imagination.

What is imagination? Imagination is just a vision.

Everything is same. Dream, thought, thinking, imagination, vision are all equal.

People called dream r those thoughts, which are hard to achieve. So it makes the people hard to believe in their dreams.

Say “my dreams are like an another thought”

“Which is easy to achieve like another simple thing. Which I got in my life”

The theory is that, dreams are just like thoughts. Everybody dreams and thinks and whatever people think that happens or will happen in this world. That’s true. That is the different thing it happens with them or other. But in this world everything happens that only what people think. It does not matter what they think and how they think.  Things can happen with them and other also. Place does not matter, whether you live in Asia or in a Europe. And it can happen at any corner of the world.

Thoughts are just seed which exist in the lap of world. People think good or bad. It effects on them according to that. But not every dream or a thought become real with every person. They take place in the air of the earth. And sometime when dream or a thought grow, it happens in real. Suppose a person living in India wants to rob a bank. And he makes a plan too. He has two results. First if he will try, then chances are that, he wills success to rob the bank. Second if he will not try, he can’t rob. If he will try he can rob the bank. And if he will not try, then somewhere in this world and another person will think for a robbery. These thought can mix with that Indian person. So chances is that second person some another part of the world will try to rob.

Every thought take a place in this world where ever it gets the chance. You start to think anything good or bad. Some day it will happen in reality.

That’s why you can find million people who are living happy life and million people are living unhappy life. It is fault of everybody who ever lived or living or will live in this world and think something or dream something.

How can you achieve the dream? Simple think and more think about your dream or a goal. And take action and much more action than your thoughts. The more thoughts you will store in your mind. The more solid it will become. The more you will think the more closer you will come to your dream. And take the action to satisfy your thoughts that you can achieve what you want, because you think and dream and you achieve your dream in your mind. By taking action you will achieve your dream in material thing or in a practical way.

That’s why people say think positive, because you can connect your thoughts and dreams with others thoughts. So start thinking positive and dream good things. And make this your world and this world a wonderful, peaceful and a happy place.

This is the logic behind the theory of dream.

So it is gamble. You play and don’t know you will win or not. It needs luck with your heart.





What is professionalism?

What is professionalism?

The word professionalism means you are true to your work. You are dedicated and hard worker toward your work. You do only your work till the office time. You don’t connect your personal life with your work life. You have good relationship with your colleges and company.  True?  Absolutely not.

It means nobody will talk with me unless he/she will see some gain in me. You should be greedy and jealous to others. Otherwise people will take advantage of you. If you will try to advance in your career your colleges will try to play politics and let you down.

Time is the most important thing in professionalism, for both employee and company. Nonsense and bullshit talk I have ever listen. Time does not hold any value in any condition.

Salary? How you will get your salary? First you have to give the deal of 3 lakhs rupees to the company. Then out of that money they will give you 20000 rupees and incentive and reimbursement too. What an amazing thing. Like it.  What a plan.  Without deal no salary.

Ah this is professionalism.

Forget everything which you learned in books in your childhood days. It doesn’t hold anything in practical life.