Dreams are just an enjoyment of a moment. How one can make a reality through the dream. Nobody knows in this world. You waste your time in seeing dreams. But nobody takes grantee to make the dreams real. Dreams are dream, which is unreal. It’s just the thought. It exists only in my dream, in my soul, in my vision, in my imagination. It will be lucky if anyone of my dream becomes real.

Dream, what is dream?

Dream is just like another thought.

What is thought? Thought is just thinking.

What is thinking? Thinking is just an imagination.

What is imagination? Imagination is just a vision.

Everything is same. Dream, thought, thinking, imagination, vision are all equal.

People called dream r those thoughts, which are hard to achieve. So it makes the people hard to believe in their dreams.

Say “my dreams are like an another thought”

“Which is easy to achieve like another simple thing. Which I got in my life”

The theory is that, dreams are just like thoughts. Everybody dreams and thinks and whatever people think that happens or will happen in this world. That’s true. That is the different thing it happens with them or other. But in this world everything happens that only what people think. It does not matter what they think and how they think.  Things can happen with them and other also. Place does not matter, whether you live in Asia or in a Europe. And it can happen at any corner of the world.

Thoughts are just seed which exist in the lap of world. People think good or bad. It effects on them according to that. But not every dream or a thought become real with every person. They take place in the air of the earth. And sometime when dream or a thought grow, it happens in real. Suppose a person living in India wants to rob a bank. And he makes a plan too. He has two results. First if he will try, then chances are that, he wills success to rob the bank. Second if he will not try, he can’t rob. If he will try he can rob the bank. And if he will not try, then somewhere in this world and another person will think for a robbery. These thought can mix with that Indian person. So chances is that second person some another part of the world will try to rob.

Every thought take a place in this world where ever it gets the chance. You start to think anything good or bad. Some day it will happen in reality.

That’s why you can find million people who are living happy life and million people are living unhappy life. It is fault of everybody who ever lived or living or will live in this world and think something or dream something.

How can you achieve the dream? Simple think and more think about your dream or a goal. And take action and much more action than your thoughts. The more thoughts you will store in your mind. The more solid it will become. The more you will think the more closer you will come to your dream. And take the action to satisfy your thoughts that you can achieve what you want, because you think and dream and you achieve your dream in your mind. By taking action you will achieve your dream in material thing or in a practical way.

That’s why people say think positive, because you can connect your thoughts and dreams with others thoughts. So start thinking positive and dream good things. And make this your world and this world a wonderful, peaceful and a happy place.

This is the logic behind the theory of dream.

So it is gamble. You play and don’t know you will win or not. It needs luck with your heart.





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